No longer bound by
he shackles that you keep
A slave to memories
forever haunting me

I’ve never felt so alive
I’m done this time
Won’t be face down in the middle
And I’m done this time
When the sky is falling it’s calling out your name
And I won’t be your saving grace

You live in fear of
the end that you create
A perfect image
hattered in its frame

Don’t speak. Don’t blink
Your time is up
Just let me be
You’re not as precious as you seem
Wake up. Get up. I’m done. 
It’s time for you to leave
I’m not not as simple as you think

Welcome to the world of being human
Welcome to the sound of a million 
Beating broken hearts
Welcome to the world of being human
Can you take away the pain 
And wash away the scars

I thought you’d know by now
These walls are breaking down
Another victim in your scheme
Break out break out
Just take the time to stop and breathe
Take a moment just to be


We all have scars
We all have scars

Brick by brick they try to tear us down 
Break the silence. They can’t shut us out
I think it’s time that we rise 
Let’s stand up and fight
(Ignite the flame there’s a fire inside)
We won’t quit. We’ll never die. 
Don’t feed the monster
That’s running your life

Put your fist to the sky

One by one
Fight the system and raise your guns
Blood for blood
Come together and rise above
Blood for blood

Don’t let them tie you down

Don’t let them hide your face when you claim your crown
Never fade 
Never trade what you’re holding inside
Let those fucking bastards drown

Put your fist to the sky

Did you break
Was it fake
Did you take away the pain you put me through
Did you fall when you lost it all
When the struggle seemed to much for you
Did you make it to the bitter end? 
Where were you when I needed a friend? 
I’m calling out
I’m reaching out
But where’s your helping hand

You only call me when I tell you that it’s over
I’m reaching out but you can seem to open up your eyes
For one more night
A candle’s burning and I still can’t find you
I keep looking but I just can’t find the words to say
Just call my name

There’s the shame and the pain

Who’s to blame? 
Don’t you think it’s wrong to hesitate
All the plans that we had
All the dreams that we shared
But still you ran away
I never really thought you’d see this out 
But I don’t wanna sit and watch us drown
I’m calling out 
I’m trying now to keep my feet on the ground


Open up your eyes
For just one more night
The candle’s burning bright

You break down. You frown.
But you’re just playing me
Telling lies just to fight
Like I’m your enemy
I don’t need an answer
All I need is a reason to let you go

You want. You wanna’ break me
You always lose control

I know that I must say good-bye
I’ve gotta find my way back home
There is no rhyme or reason why
You’re losing all control

Wake up. Break up. Make up.
Let’s get this fire started
Shut up. You’re stuck up. So fucked up
Don’t act so brokenhearted

If these walls could talk
what would you want to hear them say

Would it bring the comfort or would it smother you in pain 


You always get in the way

Our eyes will never meet 
On a path we’ll never see
But these dreams I feel it all around me
Always chasing what I seek
When I try to speak you test me
But I will get a reaction

Lying on the ground I’ve seen
Defeat’s not all that’s keeping me down
I won’t back down
I’m taking all that’s inside of me 
Pushing through so I won’t stand down
Won’t fall down
(Won’t fall down)

And I believe that it’s not over
My feet have just now left the ground
I finally found my four leaf clover
My hands are free but I won’t forget 
The sound of your voice it’s still in me
It’s a choice to live the life
The life you breathe

I won’t tell you what to say
I won’t tell you what to do
The truth is that you’re always standing in my way
’cause you lost it all in time
Now you’ll watch me as I shine
Hopefully you learned from your mistakes


Cause you won’t see me standing
You’re always ripping out this
Hole in my chest
Empty inside
But I will fight

I’m not your slave
I’m not your kind
You don’t own me
No you don’t own me

Fake smiles to medicate the masses
False hope to keep us in line
Disguise and hide us from the truth to keep us blind

I will not surrender unto you
Don’t need your lies to get through
I will not surrender unto you
I’m coming undone

Black ties to separate the classes

Brain washed, living a lie

Cover ups to fabricate the truth and keep us blind


We will never go away

We are not gonna fall

These words exchanged mean nothing
Between the two of us
We hope that this means something
But I never felt your touch

And I’m here still haunted
Your memory won’t let me be
Just when I think it’s over
It’s not over
I’m reminded of your hold on me

I forgive you but there’s still nothing

That could wake the two of us
From this dream that we’ve been living
And promises of trust
These promises mean nothing
Just let me go


The scars remain
No longer pain
But I’ll live in this memory
My blood shot eyes they long to stain
The way that you look at me

You say I got it all wrong and one day I might get better
But you turn your head away and leave me here alone
I keep screaming your name but I know you’re gone forever
I can’t silence the pain
Can someone save me

All I’ve ever felt has been dead on the inside
I need a resurrection
Locked inside my head can’t you see that I’m dying to live
So resurrect me

I come alive just in time to realize
That I gotta let you go
It’s been a long time coming
I wanna’ feel something real something out of control
Sick of living every minute with your fucking ghost
I wanna’ live for something


These sleepless nights without you
Another fight could break us down
You’ll be alright
We’ll be alright I promise you
I promise you

Wish I could take the pain away
If only for one day
Cause I know that I’m the one to blame
For distant memories
I don’t wanna waste another day
Worried over things I couldn’t change
When I’m away
I swear I’m gonna make it up to you
We always find a way to make it through another day
When I’m away

The days go by without you
These city lights are burning out
I’ll be just fine
We’ll be just fine I promise you
I promise you


These sleepless nights without you
The days go by


I swear I’m gonna make it up to you
We always find a way to make it through another day
When I’m away

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